Changelog for 2.1.11 version

Changes in version 2.1.11-stable (01 Aug 2019)

 This release contains one ABI breakage fix (that had been introduced in
 2.1.10, and strictly speaking this release breaks ABI again to make it
 compatible with 2.1.9 and less, please take a look at 18104973 for more
 details). Apart from that it contains some bug fixes, that grouped below.

 And even though the return value for evbuffer_setcb() had been changed it
 should ABI compatible (anyway that function is in -compat.h header).

 There is also one patch that introduce new functionality, this is 546a366c,
 to tune SO_RCVBUF/SO_SNDBUF in evdns, but one can count it as a bug-fix on
 the application level, since before you cannot tune this settings and hence
 you could stumble on problems.

 ABI breakage:
  o Protect min_heap_push_ against integer overflow. (8c899768 Tobias Stoeckmann)
  o Revert "Protect min_heap_push_ against integer overflow." (18104973 Azat Khuzhin)

  o evdns: add new options -- so-rcvbuf/so-sndbuf (546a366c Azat Khuzhin)

  o Change autoconf version to 2.62 and automake version to 1.11.2 (2a333008 yuangongji)
  o cmake: install shared library only if it was requested (596855f7 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Missing <winerror.h> on win7/MinGW(MINGW32_NT-6.1)/MSYS (9559349c yuangongji)
  o cmake: set library names to be the same as with autotools (305251b9 yuangongji)
  o Enable _GNU_SOURCE for Android (f013fc7d Keith Smiley)
  o Enable kqueue for APPLE targets (3aa68a82 Keith Smiley)
  o autotools: do not install bufferevent_ssl.h under --disable-openssl (5349a07e Azat Khuzhin)
  o cmake: link against shell32.lib/advapi32.lib (c9ce638c Azat Khuzhin)
  o Add README.md into dist archive (3660a4cc Azat Khuzhin)
  o cmake: add missing autotools targets (doxygen, uninstall, event_rpcgen.py) (2d65071c yuangongji)
  o m4/libevent_openssl.m4: fix detection of openssl (d4056e59 Fabrice Fontaine)
  o Fix detection of the __has_attribute() for apple clang [ci skip] (7fd7c5ef Azat Khuzhin)

  o buffer: fix possible NULL dereference in evbuffer_setcb() on ENOMEM (598f247d Azat Khuzhin)
  o Warn if forked from the event loop during event_reinit() (b75922ae Azat Khuzhin)
  o evutil: set the have_checked_interfaces in evutil_check_interfaces()
    (ef498aa2, a09265ac jeremyerb)

  o https-client: correction error checking (a8a04565 wenyg)

Changes in version 2.1.10-stable (26 May 2019)

 This release contains mostly fixes (some evbuffer oddity, AF_UNIX handling in
 http server, some UB fixes and others) but also some new functionality
 (without ABI breakage as usual) and now dist archive can be used for building
 on windows (getopt had been added into it).

 Above you will find changelog for this particular release (but with some
 trivial fixes pruned out from it - to make it a little bit more informative).

 To view full changelog please use git:
   git log --format='  o %s (%h %aN)' release-2.1.9-beta...release-2.1.10-stable

  o Add getopt into dist archive (7042ff24 Azat Khuzhin)

  (58e81106 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Add support for EV_TIMEOUT to event_base_active_by_fd (3f893f0a John Ohl)

  o Merge branch 'evbuffer-fixes-806-v2' (2fea04b3 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Merge branch 'issue-807-accept4-getnameinfo-AF_UNIX' (7c4da937, e2790a7f
    Azat Khuzhin)
  o kqueue: Avoid undefined behaviour. (e70e18e9 Tobias Stoeckmann)
  o Prevent integer overflow in kq_build_changes_list. (43a55a23 Tobias Stoeckmann)
  o evdns: fix lock/unlock mismatch in evdns_close_server_port() (54103883 zhuizhuhaomeng)
  o Merge remote-tracking branch 'official/pr/804' -- Enforce limit of NSIG
    signals (87fa93a8 Tobias Stoeckmann)
  o Protect min_heap_push_ against integer overflow. (0b46bb8c Tobias Stoeckmann)
  o le-proxy: initiate use of the Winsock DLL (2a1e1530 linxiaohui)
  o Fix leaks in error path of the bufferevent_init_common_() (bb0f8fe7 Azat Khuzhin)
  o buffer: make evbuffer_prepend() of zero-length array no-op (61fa7b7d Azat Khuzhin)
  o Merge branch 'evbuffer-empty-chain-handling' (6a3dd717 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Don't loose top error in SSL (3d1a7a1d Yury Korzhetsky)
  o Remove needless check for arc4_seeded_ok (6602a97d Seong-Joong Kim)
  o Merge pull request #769 from sungjungk/fix-return-handling (91084140 Nathan French)

  o Define `_GNU_SOURCE` properly/consistently per autoconf (00ba9fa2 Enji Cooper)
  o signal: guard __cdecl definition with #ifdef (d89045a6 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Link test/regress with event_core/event_extra over event (22380996 Azat Khuzhin)

  o Use kill() over raise() for raising the signal (fixes osx 10.14 with
    kqueue) (3db5296b, a45f6733 Azat Khuzhin)
  o tinytest: implement per-test timeout (via alarm() under !win32 only)
    (b64dbfb6, 75d7e1ff Azat Khuzhin)

Changes in version 2.1.9-beta (10 February 2019)

 This changelog will differs from other releases in the next few clauses:
 - contains only highlighted changes (so now it will not contains a lot of
   patches that fixes some stuff in regression tests, typos, leaks fixes in
   samples and so forth)
 - no authors (since merge commits breaks them anyway, but AUTHORS sections in
   README will be kept up to date)
 - group name trimmed from commit subjects trimmed
 - it's been 2 years since the previoius release, so it is pretty huge

 And I think that this is more useful, so from now on it will always has the
 same look (until there will too many objections of course).

 To view full changelog please use git:
   git log --format='  o %s (%h %aN)' release-2.1.8-stable...release-2.1.9-beta

 dist archive:
  o Add cmake rules into dist archive (bf3a67cf)
  o Add missing print-winsock-errors.c into dist archive (822d6462)
  o Include openssl-compat.h into dist archive (08658136)

  o Merge branch 'check-O_NONBLOCK-in-debug' (a39898f3, a8155c62)
  o Merge branch 'event-ET-#636-v2' (ca4b6404)
  o Fix visibility issues under (mostly on win32)
    (349081e1g, 802be13ag, a1f28e2f)
  o Define __EXT_POSIX2 for QNX (a2176f2c)
  o Cleanup __func__ detection (b3af7bdd)
  o Add convenience macros for user-triggered events (06ec5de6)
  o Notify event base if there are no more events, so it can exit without delay (d9d1c09e)
  o Fix base unlocking in event_del() if event_base_set() runned in another thread (4f0f40e3)
  o If precise_time is false, we should not set EVENT_BASE_FLAG_PRECISE_TIMER (27dee54d)
  o Fix race in access to ev_res from event loop with event_active() (43d92a6d)
  o Return from event_del() after the last event callback termination (876c7ac7)

  o Merge branch 'http-EVHTTP_CON_READ_ON_WRITE_ERROR-fixes-v2' (eb7b472b)
  o Preserve socket error from listen across closesocket cleanup (2ccd00a6)
  o fix connection retries when there more then one request for connection (d30e7bba)
  o improve error path for bufferevent_{setfd,enable,disable}() (a8cc449e)
  o Fix conceivable UAF of the bufferevent in evhttp_connection_free() (6ac2ec25)
  o Merge branch 'http-request-line-parsing' (cdcfbafe)
  o Fix evhttp_connection_get_addr() fox incomming http connections (4215c003)
  o fix leaks in evhttp_uriencode() (123362e9)
  o CONNECT method only takes an authority (7d1ffe64)
  o Allow bodies for GET/DELETE/OPTIONS/CONNECT (23eb38b9)
  o Do not crash when evhttp_send_reply_start() is called after a timeout. (826f1134)
  o Fix crashing http server when callback do not reply in place (5b40744d, b2581380)
  o fix handling of close_notify (ssl) in http with openssl bufferevents (7e91622b)

  o use *_new_with_arg() to match function prototype (a95cc9e3)
  o avoid NULL dereference on request is not EVHTTP_REQ_POST (e05136c7)

 regression tests:
  o Merge branch 'TT_RETRIABLE' (6ea1ec68, f9b592aa)

  o Merge branch 'iocp-fixes' (6bfac964)
  o Merge branch 'be-wm-overrun-v2' (3f692fff)
  o bufferevent_socket_connect{,_hostname}() missing event callback and use ret code (1dde74ef)
  o don't fail be_null_filter if bytes are copied (b92b0792)
  o Call underlying bev ctrl GET_FD on filtered bufferevents (ebfac517)

  o Merge branch 'ssl_bufferevent_wm_filter-fix' (30020a35)
  o be_openssl: avoid leaking of SSL structure (e86ccfe5)
  o Fix build with LibreSSL 2.7 (894ca48a)
  o Add missing includes into openssl-compat.h (01bc36c1)
  o Explicitly call SSL_clear when reseting the fd. (29b7a516)
  o Unbreak build with LibreSSL after openssl 1.1 support added (230af9f0)

  o Merge branch 'sample-http-server' (b6309bcc)
  o sample/https-client: use host SSL certificate store by default (5c0132f3)

  o ipv6only socket bind support (ba148796)
  o Merge branch 'listener-immediate-close' (df2ed13f)
  o Merge branch 'evconnlistener-do-not-close-client-fd' (42e851bb)

  o evdns: handle NULL filename explicitly (0033f5cc)
  o Merge branch 'evdns_getaddrinfo-race-fix' (3237d697)
  o Generating evdns_base_config_windows_nameservers docs on all platforms (3bd2ce43)

  o Merge branch 'evutil_found_ifaddr-dev' (b07e43e6)
  o Avoid possible SEGVs in select() (in unit tests) (8818c86c)
  o Port `event_rpcgen.py` and `test/check-dumpevents.py` to Python 3. (532a8cc3)

  o Fix assert() condition in evbuffer_drain() for IOCP (d6326104)
  o fix incorrect unlock of the buffer mutex (for deferred callbacks) (2b4d127d)
  o Fix wrong assert in evbuffer_drain() (9f4d0dce)

  o fix checking of devpoll backend (like in autotools, by devpoll.h existence) (7f161902)
  o support static runtime (MSVC) (c8b3ec17, 61fb055a)
  o do not build both (SHARED and STATIC) for MSVC/win32 (bc7f2fd9)
  o introduce EVENT__LIBRARY_TYPE option (eb10a738)
  o ensure windows dll's are installed as well as lib files (29590718)
  o Fix generation of LibeventConfig.cmake for the installation tree (7fa08c4b)
  o fix pkgconfig generation (copy-paste typo) (cc554d87)
  o Merge branch 'cmake-missing-bits' (9806b126)
  o Fix detection of timerfd_create() in CMake. (e50af331)
  o Merge branch 'cmake-configure-fixes-v2' (a0bfe2c4)
  o Do not add epoll_sub (syscall wrappers) for epoll in cmake (cea61de6)
  o Fix RPATH for APPLE (45b1f379)

  o include win32 specific headers for socklen_t detection on win32/mingw (d7579fb9)
  o Ignore evconfig-private.h for autotools (37423849)
  o config.h can't be prefixed unconditionally (63a054f8)
  o Merge branch 'pull-628' (7e56c8b2)
  o Provide Makefile variables LIBEVENT_{CFLAGS,CPPFLAGS,LDFLAGS} (2f060c5f)
  o confirm openssl is working before using (b39ccf8e)
  o pass $(OPENSSL_INCS) for samples (FTBFS macOS) (c2495265)
  o Add configure check for midipix (d433201e)
  o Fix tests with detached builds (c46ff439)

  o Fix arc4random_addrandom() detecting and fallback (regression) (303d6d77)
  o Merge branch 'win32-fixes' (ebd12e6d)
  o Merge branch 'fix-openssl-linking' (e7bd9e03)
  o Merge branch 'fix-struct-linger' (8567f2f5)

  o travis-ci/appveyor now uses fast_finish+allow_failures
    (5e97b6e6, dd472e7d, dfb5fc167)
  o Merge branch 'travis-ci-osx-fixes' (9f02b39c)
  o Merge branch 'win64-fixes' (aee0fcd5)

Changes in version 2.1.8-stable (22 January 2017)

 Libevent 2.1.8-stable, it contains openssl fixes for resetting fd and using
 bufferevent_openssl_filter_new(). vagrant fixes, some build fixes, increased
 timeout for some tests (to reduce number of failures due to timing issues),
 date in RFC1123 format and running tests in parallel.

 There are highlighted changes above.

 Build fixes:
  o Fix _FILE_OFFSET_BITS redinition (solaris/autotools) (336f3b11 Azat Khuzhin)
  o util-internal: fix __func__ redefinition (netbsd) (253e7fa9 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Fix signedness differ for iov_base (solaris) (2c62062e Azat Khuzhin)
  o evutil_time: include <unistd.h> when there is only sleep()/usleep() (3e75194c Azat Khuzhin)
  o http: fix formatter for pritnf for req->ntoread (osx) (1cbf26f6 Azat Khuzhin)
 Testing environment:
  o Merge branch 'automake-tests-parallel-v4' (*includes ci bits also*) (59e217df Azat Khuzhin)
 Vagrant env fixes:
  o vagrant/netbsd: missing libtool (9c9be399 Azat Khuzhin)
  o vagrant/netbsd: more reliable way of installing packages (36da6877 Azat Khuzhin)
  o vagrant/osx: use make instead of gmake (there is no gmake) (f7c70aef Azat Khuzhin)
  o vagrant: add centos box (ca591c5b Azat Khuzhin)
  o test/dns: replace servname since solaris does not have "http" (d6bafbbe Azat Khuzhin)
  o test/thread: netbsd is too slow, increase timeout for conditions_simple (3c7422fc Azat Khuzhin)
  o test/dns: run async resolving after sync one (to avoid timeouts) (07862531 Azat Khuzhin)
  o test/http: turn off some tests that based on backlog filling (falky) (26f416c1 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Merge branch 'openssl-filter-fixes-v4' (83e0f43b Azat Khuzhin)
  o Merge branch 'date-rfc1123' (68def435,4798de6c,4545807d Azat Khuzhin)
  o Merge branch 'be-openssl-fd-reset-fix-v2' (86fa0070,32adf434 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Merge branch 'openssl-1.1-init-fixes-v2' (18a161f0 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Fix incorrect MIME type (23f9a20e johnsonlee)
 Trivial fixes:
 Documentation updates:
  o Update README.md (3821cca1 Breaker)

Changes in version 2.1.7-rc (2 Novemer 2016)

 Libevent 2.1.7-rc contains openssl 1.1 support, build fixes, CI improvements
 and plus Vagrantfile for testing under multiple OS'es.

 Continious Integration:
  o Use coveralls.io via travis (9ac000c Azat Khuzhin)
  o travis-ci: use container-based infrastructure (7e12e96 Azat Khuzhin)
  o travis-ci/osx: fix compiling/linking openssl libraries (9d2f8d4 Azat Khuzhin)
  o travis-ci: use gcc-5 (fixes osx|gcc failures) (d7ceae5 Azat Khuzhin)
  o Testing with vagrant for 6 OS and cmake+autoconf (9585338 Azat Khuzhin)
  o travis-ci/osx: install lcov (e4e099b Azat Khuzhin)

 Build Improvements/Fixes:
  o Fix cmake -DEVENT__COVERAGE=ON (40fbffc Azat Khuzhin)
  o autogen.sh: learn about gmake (9376ac4 Azat Khuzhin)
  o autogen.sh: remove all autoconf/automake caches, if any (69cce25 Azat Khuzhin)
  o cmake: fix finding python2, and check that it is really 2 (3453c08 Azat Khuzhin)
  o cmake: fix CheckFunctionExistsEx/CheckPrototypeDefinition (CMP0054) (43b69b2 Azat Khuzhin)
  o cmake: cleanup (dc624ad Zonr Chang)
  o cmake/win32: fix running regress, but fixing finding python2 interpreter (bcb990a Azat Khuzhin)
  o cmake: use PYTHON_EXECUTABLE to find python2 (a4d044c Azat Khuzhin)
  o Merge branch 'force-disable-clockgettime' (83c7cdf Azat Khuzhin)

 Code Improvements (core)
  o use ev_uint16_t instead of unsigned short for port (e983712 Thomas Bernard)
  o Merge branch 'contrib-guide-v2' (b9c5077 Azat Khuzhin)
  o poll: Prevent libevent from spinning if POLLNVAL occurs (675974c Tim Hentenaar)

  o test/regress: cover a polling of invalid fd (cb0df5c Tim Hentenaar)

 Code Improvements (bufferevent_openssl)
  o Make it build using OpenSSL 1.1.0 (3e9e0a0 Kurt Roeckx)
  o Don't call BIO_number_{read|written} on NULL BIOs. (6702da1 Adam Langley)
  o Switch from a 512 to 2048-bit RSA key. (f9803a6 Adam Langley)

 Trivial fixes:
  o Ignore temporary configure files (8fb08ae Azat Khuzhin)
  o README.md: fix typo: ar -> are (2361616 Simone Basso)
  o be: just a simple mistake, reinclude the <errno.h> (7521664 Seven)

Changes in version 2.1.6-beta (4 July 2016)

 Libevent 2.1.6-beta contains mostly bug fixes (evbuffers, evthread, evdns,
 bufferevents, core, http, samples), improvements but mostly to fix some
 possible issues (EVHTTP_CON_LINGERING_CLOSE), a lot of new unit tests and new
 appveyor integration.

 Security Fixes (utils)
   o evutil_parse_sockaddr_port(): fix buffer overflow (329acc1 Azat Khuzhin)

 Security Fixes (evdns)
   o evdns: name_parse(): fix remote stack overread (96f64a0 Azat Khuzhin)
   o evdns: fix searching empty hostnames (ec65c42 Azat Khuzhin)

 New APIs (evdns)
   o New function to get address for nameserver. (537177d Nick Mathewson)

 New APIs (bufferevents)
   o expose bufferevent_incref/decref (with fewer modifications) (1ed6718 Mark Ellzey)

 New APIs (internal)
   o evdns: export cancel via callbacks in util (like async lib core/extra issues) (8cbe65d Azat Khuzhin)

 New APIs/Improvements (http)
   o http: take EVHTTP_CON_LINGERING_CLOSE into account for "Expect: 100-Continue" (ac448a7 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: lingering close (like nginx have) for entity-too-large (9fde518 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: read server response even after server closed the connection (680742e Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: export evhttp_connection_set_family() (714fc70 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: reuse connected address only with EVHTTP_CON_REUSE_CONNECTED_ADDR (a50f5f0 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: use IP address that we got before (if any) during retrying (54c887d Azat Khuzhin)

 Bugfixes (core)
   o Fix getaddrinfo under solaris (for multiprotocol case) (40730ae Azat Khuzhin)
   o Check for Mac OS X 10.4 kqueue bug properly (df6f99e Mark Mentovai)
   o event_reinit: make signals works after fork() without evsig_add() (88640aa Nicholas Marriott)
   o event_reinit: always re-init signal's socketpair (ad0c237 Nicholas Marriott)
   o Free event queues even for recursive finalizers (7c8d015 Azat Khuzhin)
   o Fix checking for make_base_notifiable() (f337296 Azat Khuzhin)
   o Set correct socklen for PF_INET6 sockaddr len (3499ad9 Mark Ellzey)
   o Fix garbage value in socketpair util function, stdint? (043ae74 Mark Ellzey)
   o fix the return value of event_deferred_cb_schedule_ (38cef64 Greg Hazel)
   o event_free_debug_globals_locks(): disable lock debugging (e5c87d1 Azat Khuzhin)
   o event: call event_disable_debug_mode() in libevent_global_shutdown() (941faae Azat Khuzhin)
   o ht-internal: don't reset hth_table_length explicitly in name_##HT_CLEAR (597c7b2 Azat Khuzhin)

 Bugfixes (evthread)
   o evthread: fix evthread_setup_global_lock_() for debug-lock with a real-lock case (e4556fc Azat Khuzhin)
   o evthread: evthreadimpl_disable_lock_debugging_() for libevent_global_shutdown() (ccc5593 Azat Khuzhin)

 Bugfixes (evdns)
   o evdns: avoid double-free in evdns_base_free() for probing requests (4db15e0 Azat Khuzhin)
   o evdns: evdns_base_free(): fix UAF of evdns_base with @fail_requests (00313c5 Azat Khuzhin)
   o evdns: evdns_base_free(): free requests before namservers (14f84bb Azat Khuzhin)
   o evdns: fix randomize-case by make case-insensitive as required (9c238de Azat Khuzhin)

 Bugfixes (bufferevents)
   o be_sock: handle readv() returns ECONNREFUSED (freebsd 9.2) (3189eb0 Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_filter: avoid data stuck under active watermarks (b627ad8 Eduardo Panisset)
   o Fix bufferevent_pair to properly set BEV_EVENT_{READING,WRITING} on flush. (2851889 David Paschich)
   o be_openssl: clear all pending errors before SSL_*() calls (38e0f4a Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_sock: cancel in-progress dns requests (86dfd2c Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_sock: unfreeze buffers on fd changing (255525d Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_sock: bufferevent_socket_connect_hostname(): make it thread-safe (809bb39 Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_openssl: don't call do_write() directly from outbuf_cb (da52933 Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_openssl: use bufferevent_enable() instead of bufferevent_add_event_() (0c66d32 Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_openssl: don't add events during bev creation (like be_sock) (f4b6284 Azat Khuzhin)
   o Fix lock leak in be_pair_flush() if flush type is BEV_NORMAL (f45d39d Bill Vaughan)
   o be_openssl: don't use *_auto() in do_handshake() we can't have fd == -1 there (877280d Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_openssl: don't call set_open_callbacks() if fd == -1 (e8a2da9 Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_openssl: get rid off hackish "fd_is_set", to fix some corner cases (40b0379 Azat Khuzhin)
   o be: we don't need to use getpeername() we we have conn_address (2c271e2 Azat Khuzhin)
   o Call underlying bev ctrl SET_FD on filtered bufferevents (c2aa7dc Mark Ellzey)
   o be_pair: release shared lock with the latest of bufferevent_pair (92a359e Azat Khuzhin)

 Bugfixes (http)
   o [Issue #313] set method to ASCII "NULL" if evhttp_method() returns NULL (17cc636 Mark Ellzey)
   o evhttp_have_expect(): fix -Wlogical-not-parentheses (24b5214 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: set fd to -1 unconditioally, to avoid leaking of DNS requests (7a4b472 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: avoid leaking of fd in evhttp_connection_free() (f0e1341 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: get fd from be layer during connection reset (4a53c54 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: fix EVHTTP_CON_READ_ON_WRITE_ERROR when it doesn't supported by OS (2ff164a Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: do not do function calls under EVUTIL_ASSERT() to fix NDEBUG builds (7c89999 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: fix leaking of response_code_line (8f18a62 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: fix "Expect: 100-continue" client side (0b46b39 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: fix conflicts EVHTTP_CON_AUTOFREE and EVHTTP_CON_REUSE_CONNECTED_ADDR (4dc0979 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: avoid epoll_ctl() on already closed fd (triggers by http/chunk_out) (ab3bc69 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: install timeout for read too during connect for ssl (040000d Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: fix evhttp_request_own() by checking EVHTTP_USER_OWNED in more cases (b0d3964 Azat Khuzhin)
   o http: fix detecting EOF without write (7ed02ac Azat Khuzhin)
   o evhttp: Fix failure to send all output data for POST/PUT requests (24eea0d John Ohl)
   o Fix evhttp_uriencode() regression. (c6b1ec1 Mark Ellzey)
   o removed unused vars (e94250c Mark Ellzey)
   o pointer overflow checks for evhttp_uriencode (72afe4c Zonr Chang)

 Bugfixes (evbuffers)
   o buffer: fix overflow check in evbuffer_expand_singlechain() (a3f4ccd Azat Khuzhin)
   o buffer: evbuffer_add_buffer(): clean empty chains from destination buffer (26fd932 Azat Khuzhin)
   o Fix n_add_for_cb in evbuffer_prepend() in case of new buffer required (0abd039 Azat Khuzhin)
   o be_filter: actually disable output_filter during processing output (c031215 Simon Perreault)
   o evbuffer_add: Use last_with_datap if set, not last. (a8769ef Marcus Sundberg)
   o EVBUFFER_PTR_SET -> EVBUFFER_PTR_ADD (8674e4f jer-gentoo)

 Bugfixes (evconnlistener)
   o listener: unlock lev on error in listener_read_cb() (2a71b33 Azat Khuzhin)
   o Fix potential fd leak in listener_read_cb() (a695a72 Mark Ellzey)

   o tests: use waitpid(..., WNOWAIT) to fix failing of main/fork under solaris (43eb56c Azat Khuzhin)
   o test: replace sleeping with syncing pair in main/fork (16d220c Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: do not run tests that based on backlog filling (freebsd) (500b6b7 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/bufferevent/iocp: fix test name for "bufferevent_connect_fail_eventcb" (4410e9d Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/ssl: use send()/recv()/EVUTIL_ERR_RW_RETRIABLE()/EVUTIL_SOCKET_ERROR() to fix win32 (a9e8cd6 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/https_basic: increase timeout for complete write (fixes win32) (d5a2f2f Azat Khuzhin)
   o test: fix building with --disable-thread-support under win32 (a487706 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/buffer: evbuffer_add_buffer() with empty chains (a272bc4 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/buffer: evbuffer_remove_buffer() with empty chains (prepend) (f0cfa14 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/buffer: evbuffer_remove_buffer() with empty chains (evbuffer_add_buffer()) (2880ce6 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/buffer: cover evbuffer_expand() for overflow (48dab7a Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/be_filter: creating test case for data stuck with active watermarks (766194b Eduardo Panisset)
   o test/http: avoid using conditionals with omitted operands (fixes VS2015) (2a4bf29 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: don't mix declarations and code (fixes -Wdeclaration-after-statement) (aabf1c2 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/buffer: fix leak in test_evbuffer_prepend() (c08d90b Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/buffer: avoid errors with --no-fork (reinitialize static vars) (e7d1e39 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/buffer: cover n_add_for_cb when evbuffer_prepend() need to allocate buffer (e77ff41 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/tinytest_macros: add new one tt_nstr_op() (bd19a28 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/bufferevent: check that output_filter disabled during processing output (ae28812 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/listener: regression for missing unlock in listener_read_cb() (7d85651 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/regress: add tests for evbuffer_add() breakage on empty last chain (d5ee739 Marcus Sundberg)
   o test/http: fix running some tests sequential (with --no-fork) (bddad71 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: localize evhttp server structure (cbc3209 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/dns: regression for empty hostname (d7348ba Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: fix SERVER_TIMEOUT tests under win32 (d49a658 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: add a helper for creating timedout/failed request (376f107 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: adopt for C90 (mixed code and declarations) (d02a285 Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: cover NS timed out during request cancellations separatelly (0c343af Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: request cancellation with resolving/{conn,write}-timeouts in progress (334340d Azat Khuzhin)
   o test/http: