libevent  2.2.0
Event notification library
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCbuffereventAn opaque type for handling buffered IO
oCevbufferAn evbuffer is an opaque data type for efficiently buffering data to be sent or received on the network
oCevbuffer_cb_infoStructure passed to an evbuffer_cb_func evbuffer callback
oCevbuffer_iovecDescribes a single extent of memory inside an evbuffer
oCevbuffer_ptrPointer to a position within an evbuffer
oCeventStructure to represent a single event
oCevent_baseStructure to hold information and state for a Libevent dispatch loop
oCevent_configConfiguration for an event_base
oCevhttp_ext_methodStucture that is passed to (and modified by) the extended method callback function
oCevthread_condition_callbacksThis structure describes the interface a threading library uses for condition variables
oCevthread_lock_callbacksThis structure describes the interface a threading library uses for locking
oCevutil_addrinfoA definition of struct addrinfo for systems that lack it
\Cevutil_monotonic_timerStructure to hold information about a monotonic timer